Sunny Hills reminds you to VOTE

The following measure will appear on the April 17, 2012 ballot:



The Board of Directors approved Resolution No. 997 concerning this proposition for bonds. This proposition authorizes the District to rebuild Clark and Sunny Hills Elementary and Issaquah Middle; modernize Liberty High; relocate Tiger Mountain High for expanded career/technical training; improve district-wide heating/ventilation, space, and security; make usability improvements to curricular/athletic fields and stadiums; and make other improvements; to issue $219,121,500 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum term of 20 years; and to levy excess property taxes annually to repay the bonds, as described in Resolution #997. Should this proposition be:



  10 Responses to “Front Page”

  1. As Treasurer for the Skyline Youth Football Association, and a 20 year resident of Sammamish, I would like to personally endorse this Proposition as it serves the community as a whole, and continues to keep the Issaquah School District in position at the head of the line when competing for students, faculty and the like.

  2. The Sammamish City Council voted unanimously to endorse this bond. The Council knows that top quality schools are needed to enable the educational opportunities necessary for our young residents as they prepare for their careers and that the quality of our schools has a very positive financial impact on the community which is shared by all.

  3. The Issaquah City Council voted unanimously to support this bond because we recognized how critical these capital projects are to the success of our schools, and more broadly how important the continued excellence of the Issaquah School District is to the health and future of our city.

  4. The Issaquah Chamber of Commerce and hundreds of businesses stand with our community partners in supporting the Issaquah School District’s 2012 Bond. Our outstanding schools are among Issaquah’s greatest assets – for our businesses, residents, workforce and more – and we urge local citizens to vote yes on this important measure. With the need for critical facility upgrades, low construction costs and the desire to give our children the best chance at success we can, now is the time to say yes to supporting our schools and our community. Vote yes this April.

  5. It’s time for Sunny Hills to get out of 50 year old permanent portables and move into a 21st Century school building.

  6. Issaquah Middle School needs to be rebuilt! Outdoor hallways in our California style building negatively impact security, safety, and maintenance. In our wintry, stormy weather, falling tree branches and the constant mess of leaves, pinecones, and other bracken are safety issues and increase maintenance costs. Heating is inefficient because our doors open directly into outdoor halls. Finally, with our outdoor halls exposed to the surrounding woods, fields, and parking lots, security is challenging in this type of building.

  7. Do your part and vote YES for the bond. Get your ballots mailed in. Mine was mailed this morning. Help spread the word. . . VOTE YES!

  8. Vote yes …

  9. Vote Yes.

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