Sep 012017

Attention Community Members….

Could you please share the information below with your school community, parents, HOAs and friends about this important Issaquah City Council Meeting regarding rezoning for building schools. Your help is TRULY appreciated to get this information out to our community!

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Your input is needed at the Issaquah City Council Meeting Tues. Sept. 5th 7-8pm:

The Issaquah School District has found a property to build an additional elementary school near Swedish Hospital in the Issaquah Highlands. ISD believes this property represents our best chance to secure a location for a new elementary school in the Issaquah Highlands.  ISD would also like to build a new middle school on the property that their ISD admin offices are located on in downtown Issaquah (behind IVE) and relocate their admin offices at another property in downtown Issaquah.  In order to move forward with purchasing and building in these locations, city zoning amendments are needed. The Issaquah City Council needs to hear from the community.

The Issaquah Council will hear public comments about these zoning amendments at their next City Council meeting Tuesday, September 5th, from 7:00-8:00 pm.

If you would like to comment why you feel that is important for the zoning to be changed in order to build schools in these locations to accommodate our growing student population, please come to the meeting and give your opinion for a CF-F (facilities) zoning! So far the council has only heard from opponents of the rezoning considerations, but it would be good to let the Council know why this is important to approve!  ISD is trying to manage the growth of our schools by building in these locations, however without the CF-F zoning, ISD cannot build there. Your voices need to be heard on how these new schools would impact your communities.

If you can’t make this meeting, but would like to comment and share your valuable opinion, email the Issaquah City Council here:

Click here for information on the meeting and location:

Click here for ISD’s community meeting held at Grand Ridge Elementary, Thursday, August 24th regarding a future site in the Issaquah Highlands:



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