Sep 282017

If you want a new elementary school to be built in the Highlands, please come tell the Issaquah City Council during public testimony on Monday, October, 2 at 7:00 PM at City Hall


2020: That’s the target date for opening the district’s next elementary to alleviate capacity concerns at Clark and Grand Ridge Elementary. In partnership with City of Issaquah staff, we have identified a preferred location for the new elementary nearby Swedish Hospital in the Issaquah Highlands. The Issaquah City Council is currently undergoing a series of important land-use decisions about that piece of property, including whether to annex and rezone it. This is just one of multiple steps (property sale, environmental study, permitting …) that need to be approved before we can build a school. If any of these steps falls through and we cannot build on the preferred site, we will immediately begin looking for property outside of the Highlands because all other property in the Highlands would require significantly more time and money to acquire than is available.
Many Clark and Grand Ridge parents attended the City Council’s Sept. 5 meeting, when the council was slated to take action to annex and rezone the preferred property for the new elementary. After a lengthy discussion, the council did not take any action and did not have a specified process to move forward. Many parents have since asked: 
What now? On Monday, October 2, the Issaquah City Council is expected to discuss and potentially take action annex and rezone the preferred piece of property for the new elementary school.
What does this mean for Clark and Grand Ridge students?
The district’s priority is to remain on time and budget building the new elementary to alleviate capacity concerns at Clark and Grand Ridge by 2020.  We are optimistic about our partnership with the city in being able to build in our preferred location by Swedish in the Issaquah Highlands. We will continue to send updates throughout the process because we believe the location of the new school is very significant to Clark and Grand Ridge parents. If you have a strong interest in where the new elementary is located—either within the Highlands or not—this is the opportunity to make your voice heard. 
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