Nov 072017

ISD School Board meeting Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 at 7:00pm  565 NW Holly Street, Issaquah, WA 98027

7:15 PM     Public Input on items not already scheduled for discussion on the agenda.       Public Input.pdf
7:45PM Resolutions 1107, 1108, and 1109 regarding the Sale of the Volpe Properties – Board

The Board will consider three resolutions with regard to the purchase of property.

 7:55 PM Resolution 1106 – 2018 Revised Educational and Operations Levy Ballot Measure – Thiele/Kuper

The Administration will be bringing forward a new recommendation for a Revised Education and Operations Levy Ballot Measure with possible action after Board discussion.

Action to be taken: Potential Motion

1) I move the Board adopt Resolution 1106 (which supersedes/replaces Resolution 1102) and, authorizes a replacement levy for education. This replacement levy funds district education programs and school operations, and authorizes the following excess levies to replace an expiring levy on all taxable property within the District:

Collection Years       Approximate Levy Rate     Levy Amount
2019                        $1.13  /$1,000 AV              $ 35,500,000
2020                       $1.51  /$1,000 AV              $ 50,000,000
2021                        $1.55  /$1,000 AV             $ 54,000,000
2022                       $1.58  /$1,000 AV             $ 58,000,000

The administration will present the resolution developed by legal counsel to authorize the revised levy measure which may be presented to the voters in February, 2018.

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