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I don’t normally send emails to friends urging them to vote for a ballot measure.  I am doing so now because I want you to know how important it is to vote yes for the April 17 Issaquah School District bond.  You will receive you ballot in the mail by March 31.  Your marked ballot has to be postmarked by April 17.

Here are a few reasons that I hope will move you to YES.

  • You already have an enormous investment in our public schools.  This bond will ensure that your investment is maintained and preserved for future generations.  The bond pays for maintenance work that would otherwise come from teachers’ salaries or classroom operations.
  • Strong schools mean strong property values and a high quality of life.  That’s the reason the Seattle-King County Realtors, the Issaquah Chamber, the Renton Chamber and the Sammamish Chamber all endorsed this bond.
  • Construction costs are at historic lows.  We will not soon again have a better environment for economically upgrading our schools.
  • The Issaquah School District is extremely well managed.  ISD has a Moody’s Aaa bond rating.  Less than one percent of all districts in the United States qualify for this rating.  A triple-A rating has meant millions of dollars of savings for local taxpayers.
  • Thanks to good management, your property taxes will actually go DOWN if this measure is passed.  The owner of a $500,000 home will pay about $215 less in school taxes.  The district has timed this bond measure to coincide with the retirement of earlier bonds.  It’s a win-win!

We have an unparalleled opportunity to maintain our schools, expand the district’s career and technical education offerings, and bring old school sites into the modern age, all for a reduced tax rate.  I think I recognize a bargain when I see one.  Please join me in voting YES for the Issaquah School District bond measure.

Please forward this to friends and family who reside in the Issaquah School District.  For more information go to and